August 07, 2016

The Mesquite Vest

It feels so great to be back. Been absent with my blogging life for around two weeks due to my thesis. Gonna graduate soon! Speaking about fashion, I'm currently in love wearing long vest. I got this long vest from my sister. If you've been reading my blog since the beginning, you'll notice that I got so many items given from my family. Yes, I have a very big family and it might takes hours to explain it haha
A white ruffle top and the ripped jeans from H&M make the look more casual. I don't like dressing too serious for most of the time. I choose to stay more casual by still looking elegant at the same time so I wore my favorite nude pump shoes from Lina Lee and my Victoria Beckham aviator to make the look more chic.

July 13, 2016

Startling Orange

White will always be my favorite color for any fashion item. I added a bold orange top and a colorful faux leather clutch to make the look more interesting. White pumps shoes will be the best option since wore a white culotte so it will help me to enhance a better silhouette. For the accessories, I bought the necklace from H&M Tokyo and the belt was a gift from my cousin when she went traveling.

Clutch - Parfois
Accessories - H&M 

July 08, 2016

Victorian and Rose

I love wearing classic and victorian outfit. Maybe because I love watching Disney princess since I was a little girl. Bringing childhood memories with a touch of modern and maturity to this look. Victorian chiffon top in rose quartz is from Lily and my all time favorite bag from Chanel.

July 03, 2016

A Touch of Black

Getting so bored with plain pants so I decided to pull out my black and white plaid pants from my wardrobe. Pairing it with the white silky tank, my favorite transparent clutch that I got from my Birthday and a platform from Solany Progetti.

June 27, 2016

Red Stripes and White Collar

Hello Everyone !

We're starting a new week again and July is about to come! Are you excited? 
Talking about this look, I got this stripes dress from my cousin during her holiday trip. I really love the combination of red and white. It's colorful but still not leaving the classic touch. 
Don't you think so? Red is one of my choices to add a pop of color and make the look more interesting. 
Hope you guys have a great week! Cheers!

June 22, 2016

Carnation Dream

Hi Everyone !

I always love to wear something neutral. In this look, I paired my silky off shoulder top with a lacy white skirt and completing this look with my favorite nude pumps. I love combining different kinds of materials for my look because I feel like it makes the look become more interesting. Do you think so? 
For the hair, I keep it long and curled. I feel comfortable with this hairstyle even though most girls did the same but a long jet black hair and nude lips will always be my signature. What's yours? :)

June 13, 2016

A windowpane on my Grey Jumpsuit

Hi Everyone !

 The weather is really hot so I currently love to wear short and make the look more playful without leaving my signature touch. As we seen on fashion trends, windowpane is on trend right now and luckily my cousin bought this jumpsuit for me when she was in Korea. I try to mix it with white platform (I could say?) which I got it when I went to Taiwan and also a white sunglasses. I got this glasses when I went to Tokyo last December. So if you guys wanna ask me where do I bought all of them, I'm so sorry I couldn't tell the exact place to buy it. I can only help you by mentioning the country :p  

Have a nice day and I'll see you on my next one ! 

Jumpsuit : Korea 
Sunglasses : Japan
Heels : Taiwan