May 29, 2015

Airy Monochrome Stripes

Hi everyone!

I'm playing with stripes this time. I was inspired by the Spring Summer collections by my favorite designers this early year. I mix my bandage skirt with my drape chiffon stripes top to get this airy yet still polished look. Have a great weekend!

Top : Chic Simple 
Skirt : Miss Selfridge
Bag : Aigner

May 25, 2015

A Little Sunshine :: Black Tee & Yellow Skirt

Hi everyone!

It's been a week I haven't post anything here. It was a busy weekdays and weekends. I had no idea entering an entrepreneurship class would be this tough as there are lots of tasks. I'm starting my business plan and I hope it will be succeed. And I think the business will ended up in the fashion industry. It's kinda exciting yet tiring for me. I hope everything will run well. 

Top : Arizona
Skirt : NK
Accessories : Miss 79
Wallet : Kate Spade
Heels : (will put the brand soon; p.s: I forgot)

May 16, 2015

Spring in Namsan :: Pink Sweater and Purple Flare Skirt

Hi Everyone!

Namsan Tower

Here are my pictures when I went to Namsan Tower. You need to take a car or a cable car to go there. I prefer to use cable car as it is more efficient because you will go straight forward to the top and you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery while heading there. As you went there, you will see a tons of love locks which is different and cuter from what you see in Paris as it is more colorful and there's a lot of pink colors yeayyyy! I found myself lucky as when I when there I could see a lot of cherry blossoms around. It was cold and windy at that time so I still wore sweater. 

Skirt - L'amour
Bag - Rabeanco
Boots - Lower East Side

May 10, 2015

Spring in Nami :: Orange Sweater and Suede Skirt

Hi everyone !

This was my outfit when I went to Nami. I know it's such a late post because I suddenly got so many task as I just entered my new semester this month, But let me reminisce that moment. It was so nice to be there. The weather in Nami was more hot that in Seoul. Thank God I didn't wore turtle neck because it was not windy at all. It's just more sunny. I could say that it was a nice bright day. The Nami Island is identical with Winter Sonata. It was a famous movie at that time. The love story of that couple in that movie is way too sweet and magical. But as I went there, I think the Korean couple is so cute. Most of them always wear couple shirt or at least they wear something same when they hang around. There's a lot of couple cycling around to enjoy the beautiful view of Nami Island. I think this place is worth to visit especially for couple and it is also nice for a pre-wedding photoshoot. 

Sweater : Mango
Skirt : 
Sunglasses : Louis Vuitton
Leather Bag : Rabeanco
Boots : Lower East Side

May 02, 2015

Spring in Gyeongbokgung :: Black and White Argyle

Hello everyone!

Beautiful cherry blossom inside the palace

 So this was the second day in Korea. I went inside the beautiful Gyeongbok palace. The temperature at that time was around eight degree Celsius. It was also raining and windy make it feel colder. Wearing sweater was still a must at that time. As I walk inside the palace, I was welcome by a beautiful scene of cherry blossoms bloom around the corner. People went inside to see the traditional architecture and take some pictures. I think the best time to come here is during spring as the weather is not really cold yet still a little bit sunny and also the chance to walk in the road full of cherry blossoms.

Dress : Mininal
Leather bag : Rabeanco
Boots : Lower East Side