November 13, 2015

The Red Sabrina Salsa Dress

Hi Everyone !

I finally get the chance to post an article in my blog. I know it's been a month I haven't post anything yet and I'm sorry for that because I was so busy doing my assignments and joining a camp. I'm looking for the moment where I could fully focus on my fashion blog because until now, I still can't be a full-time fashion blogger since I'm taking business entrepreneurship in my University and it takes a lot of practical tasks and assignments. To be honest, I can't wait to be a full-time fashion blogger since it's part of my dream. I feel like it's fun to share my style, what I'm currently love to wear, etc to everyone and also sharing my tips a tricks about fashion. I was thinking to expand my articles into beauty articles. what do you guys think? Or maybe writing a review about my current beauty products or fashion haul. 

A short explanation about this red dress, I feel like this red dress is so gorgeous. The flare gives a sophisticated illusion to the entire outfit and the red color makes the look looks more bold and powerful. This look is great for a special date night, cocktail party or any other events that needs to be more pampered. 

Have a nice day! I'm counting to my upcoming winter holiday where I could post more often. Cheers!