April 24, 2015

Rose Pink and Beige

Hello everyone!

So this post is dedicated to my old best friend. 
Yesterday I met my first school best friend, her name is Lucy. We've been friends since kindergarten. Reminiscing our kindergarten memories are way too cute. I acted as her mom and we played dough together. We also have our own pop candies that we said that it was as magical as a fluffy unicorn yeaaaa. We went to different junior school but then God let us met again in high school. As in the first time we didn't really remember each other but then we ended up being best friends again. She was my best chairmate I ever had as she never fails to make me laugh. I love doing silly things with her and I always will. We went to different universities now. She is focusing on accounting as I am digging on business entrepreneurship. We barely met but I believe that our friendship will always last the same. I love you, Luc, the honey to my toast!

Top - N.y.L.a
Shorts - Circo
Bag - Tod's
Accessories - random store
Wedges - vnc

April 21, 2015

Sail with me! :: Black and Prints

Leopard, giraffe, zebra, and cheetah print in one scarf

Hello everyone! 
This is my first day in Seoul, Korea. I finally arrived after around eight hours flight then I straightly went to Han river for a cruise. This post is not really gonna be a fashion post as I was quite shock with the cold weather so I prefer to wear something more comfortable and warm. Wearing black from head to toe and added an animal print scarf to make the outfit looked more bold. 
Talking about the Han river cruise, I think it's romantic for the lovebirds. 

April 05, 2015

Cotton Candy Palette

Hi Everyone!

I went to my niece's first birthday today. I should be studying right now because my final exam starts tomorrow. But yeah, I'm updating my blog right now. I still haven't found any raw converter since my shoot many photos with raw format. so that's why I haven't post anything for a long time. If anyone knows the best raw converter please let me know :) 
So yeah, I guess I'm going to study right now. See you on my next post!

Scallop top - Mininal
Pastel Jeans - Gaudi
Wedges - VNC