February 20, 2015

Red and Lace

Hi everyone!

It’s been a month I haven’t post anything on my blog. I’ve got so many reasons why. First, I was sick. I don’t know what happened to me but my body temperature increased to 40 degree Celsius. It’s been a hard week at that time because it’s even hard for me to talk. I thought it was a dengue fever or typhus but it was a virus. But don’t worry it’s not ebola. Lol. Next, a week after my recovery, I decided to take my outfit pictures but then silly me, I broke the camera. The camera fell down from about 2 meters high. I was too shock and exaggerated, I canceled my photo shoot. Days after, I finally encouraged myself to start the photo shoot again. The photo shoot went well before I moved the photos to my laptop and found out it’s a raw format which I couldn’t edit because my program couldn’t read it. I still find out the way how to change raf to jpg format. If anyone know please let me know because I’ve tried to browse it on the internet but still don’t understand how.

So here’s my Chinese new year post. Happy Chinese new year to everyone who celebrate! Cheers!                

Top - (will put the brand soon)
Skirt - Nikita
Bag - Salvatore Ferragamo
Red pump shoes