December 26, 2015

This the Season to be Jolly!

Hi Everyone !

I know it's been ages since I haven't update anything on my blog. As I was still a university student, I have a responsibility to study well and get good grades. You know. Actually I had my holiday since early December but then I flew to Japan for a family holiday for around two weeks. So here I just came back from Japan and of course the next post will be my travel diary. I hope you guys like it. 
This post was taken during the Christmas party with my family. It's been a tradition for us to celebrate Christmas together. This was my outfit during the Christmas party. I wore a red lace top and a white midi skirt. Ballerina flats are my ultimate choice when I'm not in the mood to wear heels. 
Thank you for reading and I'll see you on the next post! Cheers!

Skirt ; NyLa 
Flats : Taiwan Store

November 13, 2015

The Red Sabrina Salsa Dress

Hi Everyone !

I finally get the chance to post an article in my blog. I know it's been a month I haven't post anything yet and I'm sorry for that because I was so busy doing my assignments and joining a camp. I'm looking for the moment where I could fully focus on my fashion blog because until now, I still can't be a full-time fashion blogger since I'm taking business entrepreneurship in my University and it takes a lot of practical tasks and assignments. To be honest, I can't wait to be a full-time fashion blogger since it's part of my dream. I feel like it's fun to share my style, what I'm currently love to wear, etc to everyone and also sharing my tips a tricks about fashion. I was thinking to expand my articles into beauty articles. what do you guys think? Or maybe writing a review about my current beauty products or fashion haul. 

A short explanation about this red dress, I feel like this red dress is so gorgeous. The flare gives a sophisticated illusion to the entire outfit and the red color makes the look looks more bold and powerful. This look is great for a special date night, cocktail party or any other events that needs to be more pampered. 

Have a nice day! I'm counting to my upcoming winter holiday where I could post more often. Cheers!

October 16, 2015

OOTD Competition :: Black Pop Up Floral Top & Transparent Clutch

Hi Everyone!

I know it's been a while since I haven't blog my outfit. So here I'm on again after passing weeks of examinations from my university. Yes I'm still a university student. I would like to share this outfit that I have submitted to an OOTD competition by Les Femmes with the theme of fancy. So glad to know that I could be the top finalist of the competition. The final result will be announced tomorrow. Wish me luck! I take this competition more into as experience for me to grow and to know how it feels like joining one. 
I decided to pair my black pop up flower top with a white flare skirt, pairing it with the transparent clutch, accessories, and a pair of black pump shoes to complete my look. Black and white are so versatile especially when we combine them together. It creates a bold yet fresh look to your outfit. The pop up floral top is kinda see-through and it makes the outfit stylish since mesh is on trend right know. It is comfortable and makes the outfit became more standout. For the transparent clutch itself, I got this from my friends as a birthday present. I always wanted a transparent clutch and they bought me one. It's so nice to have someone who knows what you like. So how's your day? I hope you guys have a wonderful day. Fall is coming so let's keep ourselves warm and chic! 

Top : NyLa
Skirt : Blossom 
Accessories : Random shop in Bangkok & Bali
Clutch : Les Femmes

September 27, 2015

Simplicity :: White on White

Hi Everyone !

I wanna share a different look to you since I'm currently obsessed with white and flares. I think pairing white on white is trending right now and I feel like it gives me an illumination of summer glow which is so bright but still in the classic touch. Combining a white flare top with a white culotte pants makes the looks simple and chic without leaving the classic touch. Put off your high heels and go rock Birkenstock or any sandals that is comfortable for a long walk. I got this sandal from my sister, it is from VNC and it is still nice and comfortable. Leonardo da Vinci said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and I agree with that. But let me added more, being fashionable in your own way and be yourself, is the ultimate sophistication. As long as it looks good on you, wear it. Don't follow every trends, follow the trends that suits your personal style. Have a great day and see you on the next post! 

Top : Dressy
Pants : Eclaire 
Sunglasses : Victoria Beckham
Sandal : VNC

September 16, 2015

My Top Five Dresses from Promtimes

Hello everyone! It's been a while since my last outfit article. So in this article I would like to share some beautiful dresses with you guys. I found those dresses on . There are lots of dresses from wedding dresses to bridesmaid dresses. Since I'm only twenty one, I would like to share my preferences after looking at their bridesmaid dresses which can be wear not only to the wedding but also some special events such as cocktail party, birthday bash, etc. 
So those are my top bridesmaid dresses that I love from Promtimes. I choose the neutral and soft colors as usual. The second dress looks exactly like my birthday dress when I was a teenager. I wear it in champagne color. I love those pastel green and yellow dresses since pastel colors are so in right now and it matches my skin well. The design of those dresses are simple but yet it's the thing that make the dress becomes flawless. For me, buying a dress is like an investment. Find the one that looks good on you and fit your body shape. As it said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, I always buy a dress that is simple, timeless, and elegant. Choosing the right design and color are also important. For example, I have a fair skin and I think I have a spring color tone, so that's why I choose this neutral and soft colors to match my skin tone better. It's about choosing the right dress and you will never go wrong! ;)

September 03, 2015

Make The Red Pop :: Black Jumpsuit & red Pump Shoes

Hi Everyone !

I wanna share this look to you guys. I think this look is great to wear during the nightlife, hangout with friends, and somewhere that need a little bit of touch and edge. The jumpsuit that I wear is honestly not a formal jumpsuit. It is for more into a day to go outfit because it is made of cotton but by adding a touch of gold will definitely transform the jumpsuit into something more formal and elegant. I decided to wear a red pump shoes rather than the black one because I think making things all black was kinda boring sometimes. I decided to pull out my red pumps to make the look more stand out. If we can wear bold red lips with a black outfit, why can't we do that with our heels either? Tell me about your opinion about this look and especially this red pumps that I decided to rock on. Do you still prefer to wear the classic black pumps or rock on the red pop? 
Have a great day!

Jumpsuit : Dressy
Belt : Asos 
Sunglasses : Prada 
Purse : Kate Spade

August 25, 2015

Morrocan Fleuri :: Floral Top and Chiffon Flare Skirt

Hi Everyone ! 

This is the first week I enter my seventh semester and also my new dorm. Yes I'm living in a dorm since two years ago because my house is so far from my university so I choose to stay here. The environment is quite different from before but yet as I am in a senior year, I could easily detect and read the freshmen. I remember when the first time I moved to this dorm. I was kinda scared but time flies so fast and now I'm okay with it even though I need to adapt with new people every year but it's kinda teach me something about life and somehow I thank for that. 
Talking about the outfit that I wore, I bought this top a long time ago from my aunt's shop and it is comfortable because it's kinda loose when I wear it and it's kinda see-through. For the skirt, I bought it when I travel to Bangkok with my beloved cousins, Jessica and Samuel. They are such a great shopping partner and we really had fun. I hope I could travel and shop together with them again soon. 

Bags : Salvatore Ferragamo

August 21, 2015

Summer Splash :: Lime Top & Pastel Green Shorts

Hi Everyone !

I know it's been a few days since I have pending my post and here we go. The internet always goes slow when I started to upload my photos I don't know why and ended up with an error. So yesterday I went to meet my friends from my old junior high school. It makes me realized how much days have been passed since then and how much tragedies and moments in life that changed all of us. I also got sick a few days before but now I'm back again. Holiday will end soon and I will start my new semester on Monday. I hope ever everything will run well. I'm satisfied enough with my grades that keeps getting better and I thank God for that. 
Starting now, I will wrote a review of what I wore in this post. I think this outfit is great to wear on a bright day our cheerful moment. The top that I wear is made from chiffon which is so comfortable to wear during these hot days. The Shorts that I wore are from Benetton. I try to mix the bold color with the pastel and neutral swatch to make the look more light. I could say this is a great outfit to wear during the day.

Top : NyLa
Shorts : United Colors of Benetton
Accessories : Fashion Sense