August 25, 2015

Morrocan Fleuri :: Floral Top and Chiffon Flare Skirt

Hi Everyone ! 

This is the first week I enter my seventh semester and also my new dorm. Yes I'm living in a dorm since two years ago because my house is so far from my university so I choose to stay here. The environment is quite different from before but yet as I am in a senior year, I could easily detect and read the freshmen. I remember when the first time I moved to this dorm. I was kinda scared but time flies so fast and now I'm okay with it even though I need to adapt with new people every year but it's kinda teach me something about life and somehow I thank for that. 
Talking about the outfit that I wore, I bought this top a long time ago from my aunt's shop and it is comfortable because it's kinda loose when I wear it and it's kinda see-through. For the skirt, I bought it when I travel to Bangkok with my beloved cousins, Jessica and Samuel. They are such a great shopping partner and we really had fun. I hope I could travel and shop together with them again soon. 

Bags : Salvatore Ferragamo

August 21, 2015

Summer Splash :: Lime Top & Pastel Green Shorts

Hi Everyone !

I know it's been a few days since I have pending my post and here we go. The internet always goes slow when I started to upload my photos I don't know why and ended up with an error. So yesterday I went to meet my friends from my old junior high school. It makes me realized how much days have been passed since then and how much tragedies and moments in life that changed all of us. I also got sick a few days before but now I'm back again. Holiday will end soon and I will start my new semester on Monday. I hope ever everything will run well. I'm satisfied enough with my grades that keeps getting better and I thank God for that. 
Starting now, I will wrote a review of what I wore in this post. I think this outfit is great to wear on a bright day our cheerful moment. The top that I wear is made from chiffon which is so comfortable to wear during these hot days. The Shorts that I wore are from Benetton. I try to mix the bold color with the pastel and neutral swatch to make the look more light. I could say this is a great outfit to wear during the day.

Top : NyLa
Shorts : United Colors of Benetton
Accessories : Fashion Sense

August 12, 2015

Monochrome Flora

Hi Everyone ! 

There is a problem with my internet so I had a hard to post a blog and reply all of your comments. I hope you guys understand. So I'm currently in a holiday right now but it's time for me to clean and sort my stuffs. It's kinda tiring yet fun and I get distracted by looking at my old stuff, you know I think we all did it when it's time for us to clean our stuff. Something in life that I would like to share and think about it is that people love if the want to love. We couldn't force them to and there will always be people who keeps on criticizing you but I just I want to tell you, if what you believe is right, it doesn't disrupt, it is something you love and passion for, just go for it and follow your heart because once said that dogs bark when they don't know the person. So if you didn't do something wrong and disruptive, most likely they are jealous. And jealous people will go nowhere except their thoughts and jealousy. Everybody is born to be unique and everyone has the potential to become a better person and be passionate on something, so don't die a copy.

Dress : Body & Soul 
Accessories : Bali

August 08, 2015

Flare it Out :: White Peplum Top & Denim Skirt

Hi Everyone !

 I finally had my holiday. I pending this post for about one week because I had my final exam and there were lots of papers to submit before that. I just don't have time to post this outfit on the blog because I was so exhausted. Most of the time I slept only for three hours so it's kinda killing me softly especially when it's time to take my business plan one step ahead. There are lot of things happened during those days and I learnt a lot from it and here I'm back again! I learnt that to do your best and be the best you can be is one of the biggest achievement you could do. How you respect yourself and others also matters. Hope you guys have a great day! 

Top : NK
Skirt : Cotton On