January 26, 2015

Olive Trousers and Saddle Brown Leathers

Hi Everyone !

The weather is so peaceful today, not so hot, not so cold. I'm playing with warm and neutral palettes today. Since white, olive, and other pastel colors are in trend this year so I'm trying to mix and match some stuff without making me look so pale. I found out that the best way to use pale colors are by adding one or some bold colors so it will help to balance your whole outfit. I hope that my advice could help you. See you on the next post! :)   

Top - Urban Twist 
Trousers - MNG Basic
Greenwich - Louis Vuitton
Accessories - One from Rubi
Pumps - Lina Lee (old, similar here)

Photos taken by Stephanie Marini

January 19, 2015

Lime and Flower

Hi everyone! 
Welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself, my name is Marissa Abigail Gunawan. I've been a fashion enthusiast since I was five years old. As I grew older, I feel that fashion is not only about mix and match, but for me it is also about designing and implementing your ideas into papers and make it real. I'm currently studying in business school which yeah you know, studying economics is something that is not that easy for an artsy person. But yeah, I'm doing my best to graduate as soon as I can. So I decided to make this blog because I think this could be something that could channel my ideas about what I love especially about fashion and beauty that I loved the most. This blog will not only talk about fashion trends, what to wear, etc. but I also want to bring it into lifestyle and everything that could inspire me and also my future beloved readers. 
Hope that my blog could bring inspirations and ideas for everyone. Cheers!

Photos by Stephanie Marini