July 22, 2015

Lace It :: White Shirt & Lacy Legs

Hi Everyone !

I'm enjoying my holiday right now even though it's gonna be over in a few days. Most of the days I spent my day on cleaning everything in my wardrobe. I think I need a new arrangement for a fresh start. The weather are so hot these few days and I hope it will be more chilly soon. Hope you guys have a great holiday! 

Top : Zara
Legging : random shop in Bangkok
Accessories : Little Red Button
Heels : Lina Lee

July 19, 2015

Summer Holiday :: The Floral Summer Dress

Hi Everyone !

I know everyone is so excited for summer holiday and so do I (even though my lecturers left me so many assignments to submit after this one week holiday). I'm gonna share this outfit post to you guys and I hope that it will give you an inspiration. Don't forget the spf! I also plan to clean my closet this holiday just to make my collections look more fresh and neat. I'm lack to of time to do that since I only went home once a week and usually during weekend I prefer to chill and spend my time with family. Do you guys love to spend your time with your family? When I was in junior high school (the rebellions time), I prefer to spent time with my friends, but times makes me realized that family is more important than friends. Our perceptions and thoughts about anything could change by time, and I think I change myself into a better caring person. I may not be completely enough, it won't ever be as life is a process. I didn't notice this before but my friends and family said that they saw a good changes in me. I'm so glad to hear that and I hope that I could improve it by time. I realized that living the best way you can be everyday is one of the most important thing as it will also give an impact to our social life. I know sometimes there will be some people who annoys you like you wanna beat them in the face, but I think they are those who we shouldn't hate but love and pity for. No matter how big the hatred, love wins can cast out fear. Have a nice day !

All Accessories :Random shop in Bali 
Footwear : FootIn

July 15, 2015

Monochromatic :: Black Houndstooth & Layer Top

Hi Everyone !

I'm enjoying my one week holiday right now even though I think that I will go nowhere because there are several college tasks that I need to finish before time. So this post should be posted yesterday as what I mention in instagram (@marissagunawan), but then I got a struggle when I wanna post it, I don't know why I couldn't upload these pictures. I thought the size was too big but then I found out the reason this morning which is so silly. Well, I forgot to turn on the wifi lol. So now I  can finally post it. Everybody makes silly mistake sometimes, isn't it?

Top : Dressy
Pants : random shop in Bangkok
Sunglasses : Prada
Accessories : random shop in Bali
Boots : Upper East Side

July 10, 2015

Something on Earth :: One Shoulder Top and Cream Trousers

Hi Everyone !

Holiday is coming! I'm still excited even though it's only for one week and then I need to take my final exam on early August. I hope I can still post recently as what I doing right now. There will me many assignments to do and somehow I feel scary yet so excited with my business plan. Wish me luck! I will tell you soon after I launch it and of course it will related to fashion. I'm not gonna talk more because I gotta go now. I will reply all comments soon. See ya! 

Top : Mango
Trousers : Mount
Accessories : Prada

July 07, 2015

Everything Neutral :: Fringe and White

Hi Everyone !

I was mixing fringe and white on white since it said to be the latest trend for this spring/summer 2015. I was so happy to know that white and most of the pastel colors are on trend this year since they are my color. Nothing can go wrong with white or anything neutral as it gives a classic touch to make the look more timeless and effortless. I feel like those colors just brightened up the skin. Do you guys think the same way? See you through the screen! 

Top : Signature
Outerwear : Iconic
Accessories : moi
White Jeans
Bag : Furla
Heels : Lina Lee

July 04, 2015

Sporty Chic :: Pink Chiffon and White Flare Skirt

Hi Everyone!

I suddenly miss playing tennis. It's been a while since junior high school. As most of my friends are more into badminton and other sports so it's kinda hard for me to find someone who can accompany me to play tennis. I remember that I sometimes skip my tennis class because it was so hot but my teacher was really patient and nice on helping me to advance my tennis skill. Sometimes I just wanna turn back the time and learn it properly without skipping and grumbling. I think I'll play again soon when I have time. I also wanna say thank you for everyone who cheers and motivate me on my studies. See you on the next post! 

Top : Passionate
Skirt : Blossoms
Accessories : C&A
Clutch : Mango
Heels : Material