March 02, 2016

The Birthday Girl

Hi Everyone !

I'm so happy that I could finally get the chance to write an article in my blog. I know I've been idle for more than a month. Last month was my hectic month. I had my midterms and somehow this semester was kinda tough for me so I need to be more focus on that because my target is to graduate on time. Even though last month was a hard time for me but I'm so happy because there are special events especially my birthday yeay!

Those photos was taken for my birthday photoshoot. It was a present from my boyfriend. Honestly I didn't really intent to take a photo with it because somehow I feel afraid with other people who gonna judge me, but then I think back again and decided to take a shoot with it. It's my birthday so I can do anything I want. It's about the person who gave it to me. We've been in a relationship for four years and even though it may be rough sometimes, but the thing that I feel comfortable with him. Let's admit it girls, sometimes we may feel uncomfortable being with a guy without makeup or proper clothes. Luckily, I don't need to feel that way when I'm with him. Let's be honest, there were those days that we were so lazy to put a makeup on. So find a guy who loves you no matter what! ;)