June 13, 2015

Thinking of Ballet :: Pink Flare Skirt & Neutral Gold

Hi everyone! 

I'm finally blogging again after I finished all my midterm exams and tasks. Actually, I still have to do something with my business plan paper but I think I need to take a break for a while to get rid of this stress. I was sick during my exams last week. I think it's because I was too tired and also stress. I overthink too much sometimes which I know that it is something bad. I'm trying to keep myself more relax on my studies but it doesn't mean that I lose control over it. 
So yeah, this is my outfit that I wore yesterday when I catch up with my old best friends, Lucia and Fidelia. It's so relaxing chatting and play around with them. They are the one who know me most especially something about me that I have changed. They keep me comfortable and I just really love them. Even though we grow apart, studying different things, but I'm glad to know that we can still be together just like we used to be during high school. I know things may be different know as we are busy doing our own things but one thing for sure is that my feeling for them will never change or if it change, I know that I'll love them more. 

Top : N.Y.L.A
Skirt : NK
Bag : Mango 
Bracelet : Thomas Sabo 
Flats : Kawai


  1. So adorable Marissa!!!! That skirt is really nice! Have a nice day, kisses,

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  2. AnonymousJune 28, 2015

    Great style :-* www.thepinkheartgirl.blogspot.de