May 16, 2015

Spring in Namsan :: Pink Sweater and Purple Flare Skirt

Hi Everyone!

Namsan Tower

Here are my pictures when I went to Namsan Tower. You need to take a car or a cable car to go there. I prefer to use cable car as it is more efficient because you will go straight forward to the top and you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery while heading there. As you went there, you will see a tons of love locks which is different and cuter from what you see in Paris as it is more colorful and there's a lot of pink colors yeayyyy! I found myself lucky as when I when there I could see a lot of cherry blossoms around. It was cold and windy at that time so I still wore sweater. 

Skirt - L'amour
Bag - Rabeanco
Boots - Lower East Side


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  2. You look so pretty in pink !
    Love it.

  3. I really love color of skirt and shirt! Nice choice my dear!!! Have a nice day, kisses (and thank you for your visit),

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